January 21, 2007

Baby play + Parent clean up = Functions?


Friday's class Mr.K wanted to tell us a story. He told us a story about his daughter playing in a play room, where she would disorganize everything. Then Mr.k and his wife would put everything back in place afterwards.

At first most of us thought it had nothing to do with functions.

This chart helped us understand more about inverse functions.

Inverse Functions: undoes the input of the function (Exchanging the domain and range)

We then moved on to some examples.

f (x) =2x-3 (inverse will be to divide. Changing the order of operations)

Inverse functions of y=2x-3.
x+3/2=y or 1/2x + 3/2=y

We can really understand it more when we look at the table of values.

Another example:

f-1(x) = 3√5x2-2/6

x = 3

x3 = 5y2-2/6

6x3 = 5y2-2

6x3+2 = 5y2

6x3+2 = 5y2

6x3+2/5 = y2

6x3+2/5 = y

The next scribe for tomorrow is

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