January 16, 2007


My view on our logic unit was a fair stretch of our mind. I think we may have all found it difficult only because our state of mind and way of thinking differs from dealing with triangles and square roots. Some particular parts of this unit was very plain and simple (i.e: the venn diagrams). Others required more thought and time (i.e: deductive/inductive reasoning). Although everything was possible to solve with either a formula or a broad set of rules to be followed. I hope we all do well on this test. I know its getting harder to stay consitent with our motivation to do well because the course is so close to over. I know for myself, I find myself slacking because I'm just so ready to be done. I know it's not smart on my behalf and I can already see the consequences by suffering of overload before exams. I just need to straighten out and prepare myself with a logical matter! Okay. GOOD LUCK GUYS

I had a fun time BOBing. Hey guys its our last one!

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