January 13, 2007

Well like yesterday to start things off we had another quiz. The quiz was not on valid and invalid questions but learning how to draw venn-diagrams based on word problems. I thought the quiz was a little easier than yesterdays. Well after going over the quiz we got off topic and had an interesting discussion about this new device called a smart board. Well the smart board is a school board and a computer in one. It's basically an interactive white board. It's sound really cool and I hope Mr.K gets it in time for us to use it next semester.
Besides chatting about this cool smart board we actually did do some work. We learned about Direct and Indirect prove.

Direct Prove would be Thales' Theorem. We know if an inscribed angle in a circle is subtended by a diameter, then the angle is 90 degrees. Also that 2x+2y=180 degrees or that simplified x+y=90 degrees, as shown below.

Indirect prove is where you begin assuming the opposite of what we want to prove.

So here was the example that we worked on in class
Given triangle ABC with point D on line BC
Prove: If Line AB = AC
and angle BAD doesn't equal angle CAD
then line BD doesn't equal line CD
(so we start we assuming the opposite
line BD = line CD) "a contradiction"

That was the only example that we got to but the next scribe will be able to scribe on the good stuff as Mr. K described the ones we didn't get to yet.
Well the next scribe is m@rk so have fun ...........
Remember our go for golds due Wednesday before exams
and one of our two consumer worksheets on Monday

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  1. Hi Lauressa,

    Do you know enough about the smart board yet to have an opinion on how it might change or help your learning math?