January 15, 2007

blogging on blogging - logic

Well, this unit has gone by pretty fast. Of course that's not including the two weeks break we had. So not including that, it hasn't really been that many classes. Logic has been one of the more interesting, fun topics. Venn Diagrams, once you understand the method of how you put them together, they're pretty straight forward. And personally, if i know how to do something, it always makes it fun because i understand it. As for inductive and deductive, that's okay. i had some trouble at first, but nothing i couldn't fix. And what we did in class today was fun as well as our homework. So this unit isn't too bad.

Honestly, i can't remember if Mr. k said to do a blog for this unit or not? A lot of things lately have just been a dream, haha, so I'm not too sure. But better to do this than not to! Well, good luck everyone.

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