December 14, 2006

BEEE - OHHH - BEEE (.. spells BOB)

Ahhhhhh! Another unit test!
Oh well, nothing to worry about. I honestly think that this unit, for me, was easier to understand than the ones we've had in the past. There's just something about circles, triangles and geometry that make them easy to learn. There were times when I hated this unit because of all the PROVING we needed to do. But I guess, the more proving we did in class, the easier it seemed, and my hatred lessened. Today we had the pretest in class, and I don't think I did my best. Although, I did put in my first effort, and got about 70% of the questions right! "Sweeeeeet!" Anyway, good luck to everyone on the test tomorrow!

-- Cherrrieeeee

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