December 20, 2006

BOB v.5 BcircleB Circle Geometry

When I first thought about Circle Geometry, I first didn't know what the unit will be about, but as we continued on with the unit, I found out it was about the angles and lines which make up theorems. Doing the investigations were easy and straightforward because all we had to do was follow the instructions...but in the end, we had to memorize them all! Yeah, so circle geometry was really straightforward. The only difficult thing about this unit is where you have to prove something which can take a LOT of time to do and that's the only part I'm worried about. My goal is to get at least a 70% or above on the test (depending on how many "proof" questions there are) which is coming up in about...less than two hours!! XD So I'll cya all in 6th period!

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