December 17, 2006

BOB; circles

Circle Geometry was by far the hardest unit yet. It was alright at first because we went through it as a class, step by step. Although, I didn't always understand the investigation because of my poor measuring skills. But, when all ten investigations were done I finally understood it all. I find it more easier for me to understand things when I'm told of what to look for and practicing it, rather than finding it out myself. Most of the investigations, I didn't know what I found because my measuring skills aren't so good.
I'm happy that I reviewed before the pre-tests and quizzes because that's where it came in place, piece by piece I began to understand what was going on and why different angles are the same or two times larger. This happened on Thursday I believe. It was like someone had replaced a light bulb to the lighthouse in my head. However, I wasn't prepared enough. So, my options are study harder or study harder (haha).
The up side is, I understand the theorems and I look for different triangles and angles. The down-side is, sometimes I doubt myself and have second thoughts about some things, which makes me to change my answers (which were right in the beginning). But, most of the things, I understand. Well, I hope that everyone does well and studies hard. See you all tomorrow fellow class mates!


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