December 14, 2006

BOB - Anatomy of Circles

Well well well. Another test, another BOB. I find myself saying that in every BOB entry I write. Anatomy of Circles... well it hasn't been my favourite unit but more of a reason to look foward to our test tomorrow (so it'll be the end of it). I don't know why but I guess this whole theory of circles is something I find hard to understand and process in my brain by myself. We'd be in class and Mr. K goes over it step by step and it seems to be okay. I understand the rules and different theoroms when I'm in class. However when I get home and is presented a question- I sometimes dont even know where to start. I guess it is the fact there is a broad number of ways to solve any given question. Well, hopefully we all pull through the test tomorrow. As for myself I don't expect myself to do incredibly well :(, since it is one of my weaker units.


11 days until christmas!

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