December 04, 2006

Today's class we started off by handing in our projects. I hope everyone gets over 80% just like Mr. K said we should.

After that he showed us some examples of the 40s student's trigonometry pictures, so have a better clue of what to do with our quadratic function pictures. Make sure it has a lot of details a quadratic function should have.

*Reminder it should be uploaded on flickr by Thursday.

We went over some question in our exercise #32 which were # 10, 12, 13

#10 was a question that didn't really fit in with any unit we did so far but it was a fun question to solve.

#12 this question we had to find the ticket price that will yield maximum profit.
This is a good review for our
Analytic Geometry unit.

revenue = (# ticket) (cost/ticket)

let x = 1 discount of $3.00

R (x) = (1000 + 100x) (60 - 3x)

roots @ x= -10 x= 20

We ended up with the price $45 per ticket.


A) y= x and y = -1/2x+2

B) x=-1/2x+2

(4/3, 4/3)

C) 8/3

After going over some homework we started on our Investigation #7

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"If two tangents are drawn from a common point, exterior to a circle, then...the tangent lines are the same measure"

"If a radius intersects a tangent line, then...the angle is 90 degrees"

After all of that the next step is to go back and construct a new point S exterior to the circle and repeat steps b, c and d for point S.

Today's homework is exercise #33
Make sure to attempt every question. The ones you are really stuck on should be looked at in class.

And most of you may notice that the scribe list is now on our fourth cycle!! that's a lot of scribing!. I just wanted to say I'm really proud of every one's work. Look how far we came with our scribing, we're using a lot more tools to make our post explained to the best of our abilities.

Okay enough of that...the next scribe for Wednesday (Tuesday afternoon NO SCHOOL!) is... MERIAN!


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