December 10, 2006

Did you know?

Did you know I can see your classroom from two windows?!

My first window is your blog. I am excited by what I see and hear! I never cease to be amazed by the quality and sophistication of your scribes; you constantly achieve new heights in illustrating and annotating your scribes. More than that I am so impressed when you celebrate each others’ learning, when you are creative, and when you critically reflect upon your learning in your BOBs.

Did you know Mr. K’s blog is my second window? I admire and respect what I see and hear here too! Did you know that Mr. K celebrates your learning on his blog? that he reflects upon what best helped you to learn and why? that he unselfishly shares all he knows with those who read his blog? that he learns from the conversations on his blog? that he writes with passion and is creative? and that he commits many random acts of kindness by honoring other teachers’ accomplishments in his posts? Did you know all he expects of you, he shares those same expectations for himself?

Did you know that because of all that and more, Mr. K.’s blog has been nominated for “Best Teacher Blog 2006” on the Edublog Awards website?

I just happen to think that no one deserves this honor more than Mr. K.

What about you?


  1. wow!! congratulations Mr.K for the nomination. You really deserved it!!

  2. Whoa snap go go pc30sf06 go Mr. K

  3. Thanks. The nomination is reward enough. To be honest, if anyone deserves an award it's you guys. ;-)

  4. i think mr. k does...really...i mean, if you look carefully at what has happened...(the information we get in class is discussed, scribed...) and its now stuck in our head!

  5. That's so awesome!! Congratulations Mr. K !!

  6. Mr.K well deserves to be nominated! reallly reeally glad to be one of his students! :D

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  8. GIVE ME AN M-R-.-K! what does that spell?! MR.K! T
    his blog and everything wouldn't happen if it wasn't for the outrageously, passionate about math, math teacher- Mr.K