November 27, 2006

And another test finished!

And yet another test accomplished!
Crysta set me to scribe on Thursday/Friday, but there was just a pre-test.

Today was the day we had our Analytic Geometry unit test. How do you think you guys did? I'm positive to say I did my best on the whole test, except my mind fell apart on the last two questions :

There isn't much to write for today's class, but I sure hope everyone did well on it, despite the difficulties of the questions.

A few reminders:
In class we discussed the assignments, and the pictures involved with it. According to Mr. K, Flickr will not 'activate' (for lack of a better word) our accounts unless we have a minimum of five (5) pictures. So remember to take four more pictures (not of anyone's faces, thanks), of random things, and upload it into your flickr account.

Don't procrastinate! Get started on your math project now! Reminder: Due Friday, December 1st, 2006. (Oh wow, DECEMBER ALREADY?!?!?!) You have a choice of working by yourself, or with a partner. No outside help, but from books, the internet, or Mr. K! AND also remember that the minimum and expected mark we should all get is an 88%. Let's make them good!

I hope this is a good scribe for today's class, and helps people in reminders. I choose the next scribe to be ....
" -Zeph "

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