November 25, 2006

BOB v.4 An Analytical Analysis

well that was weird... I had to re-register back to but anyways i got my account back and i'm still registered at this blog. so thats good news for me!

i wont be coming to school on monday cuz i found out that i have a viral infection. all the clinics were closed and my appointment was scheduled til the second week of december. i'd probably be dead by then. haha. anyways, all the clinics that my parents suggested on me going to were all booked and on friday, my parents sent me to the hospital. there were so many people at the hospital. you have to die to get your way in...literally. what i meant is that there were so many patients waiting in line that one of them already died. the paramedics were there and the mother was yelling "I WANT MY SON BACK!" and was freaking out. Well i was very lucky because we found a clinic near the hospital that wasnt all booked and the doctor said that i have a viral infection. the medicine that he prescribed to me had strange side-effects such as nausea, headaches, bad dreams, and excessive sleep & sleepiness. b4 u no it, i'll be back at school and i'll be alrite.

in analytic geometry, word problems are still an obstacle thats just in the way, but once i find the equation everything seems to be straightforward. solving the system of equations are easy for me but one mistake anywhere in the long process can equal death. graphing the equations is the topic that i needed to focus more on and other than that, analytic geometry seemed ok.

~ zeph

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