November 12, 2006

Solving a System of Linear Equations

HEY! I'll just cut through the intro and get this scribe started.

On Friday's class we sort of started something new, but we still used some previous knowledge in order to work with the following questions.

We were given two equations.

x + y = 6
x - y = 2

y = -x + 6
x - 2 = y

Question: Do the lines intersect?
_________ Where?

It's better to know more than one way to solve a problem. You have to take on a certain equation in as many different angles as you can.

Mr. K taught us different ways to solve the equation.

There were 4 different techniques that he showed the class.

  1. Graph : to actually draw out the equation on a graph
  2. Comparison
  3. Substitution
  4. Elimination

*Important note: The Lattice Point is a point in the cartesian plane where the points are integers. (where the lines cross)



We've graphed the lines and can easily see where the lines cross (4,2). Graphing it will not always solve the problem because the point where the lines intersect won't always be a Lattice point.


At the Intersection, Y1 & Y2 are the same.


y = -x + 6
x - 2 = y

-x + 6 = x - 2

____8 = 2x
____4 = x

This technique is called comparison. It's when 2 things equal to the same thing.


To figure out the rest, substitute 4 for x.

x + 4 = 6
4 + y = 6
y = 2

Lines intersect at (4,2)



hopefully people will be able to understand this..

The Homework is Exercise 24

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  1. thanks...oh gosh, that scribe was a bit difficult to do..=.=

  2. I know my comments seem to be the same but Wow this is a great scribe post. Can you imagine your audience not having those excellent images to explain solutions using Linear equations? I can't. This is an excellent post because everything you write about you back up with an image. This was easy to read and understand. Thanks for all your hared work.

    Mr. Harbeck
    Sargent Park School