November 26, 2006

BOB - Analytic Geometry

Well, for myself I found this unit of "Analytic Geometry" much like a bad shopping trip. There you are, searching and searching for the perfect outfit, but no success. Although it only takes awhile to enter that one store and see that perfect top you've been looking for hanging on display. Finding that perfect top would be when you finally find the equation(s) thats being asked to solve. Understanding what the questions being asked for is the hard part, but once you get that resolved and figuire out the equation(s).. its a breeze from there, much how its a breeze to just pick up the top and walk to the cashier. Although I realized you have to be very aware while solving. Be aware of little errors you can make which will screw the whole process up. Much like shopping, be aware of the price and be sure you can actually afford the item.
- Other then that. GOOD LUCK AND GOOD NIGHT.

don't mind my metaphoric BOB entry, we just finished poetry in english =) Haha.

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