November 06, 2006

Hey guys ,

Well today in class we recieved our grades :( Some of us were suprised and for others well there's always room for improvement. Well when Mr.K handed out our tests from AGES AGO! we went over the questions we had problems with.
The units our tests were from were recently algebra, quadratic functions and trig.

There were just some of the questions that we went through together in class.

Quadratic Functions
Long answer :

A farmer with 750 feet of fencing wants to enclose a rectangular area and then divide it into 4 pens w/ 3 fences parallel to one side of the rectangle. What is the largest possible total area of the 4 pens?Step 1: Write an equation to match the question asked
2L + 5w = 750

Step 2: Get one of the variables by itself
2L = 750 -5w

Step 3: Solve for the variable
L =750/2 - 5w/2 ; L = 375 -5/ 2w

Aw = (375 - 5/2w)w Where one of the roots are at 0 (w=0)

1) 375 - 5w/2 =0

2)375 = 5w/2 Get w by itself, so in order to do that you multiply 2 by both sides, so it cancels out

3)750 = 5w > 750/5 = w w=150

750= 2L + 5w > 375 = 5w > w = 75

Im really sorry for the short blog today because we did so much in class but I couldn't get my computer working. Mr. K I need a one on one session on blogging, the programs on my computer weren't working some would't open. SOrry again to the class for that. NEXT time I promise it will be better. Sorry :(


  1. ya don't worry if you guys get a low mark in enriched pre-calculus cuz its expected of u to get that low. even if your parents get mad at u, they have to get used to seeing u get low cuz we're all in this together in Mr.K's Advanced Placement math which means that the other students are having just the same experience as you.

    when i was in gr.9, AP math with mr.marc was very stressful cuz we had to do exercises like the ones in our duotangs AND the questions in our textbooks. mr. marc assigned us chapters of homework to do, not exercises. the exercises were just there as a review for the exam.

    enriched courses can be painful and parents have to accept that. even if they give u the belt cuz u failed a course. so what? there's always next year... =)

  2. theres always a next year? thats for you coz you're still in grade 10 !! anyways wat mark did you get?