November 02, 2006


Today in class we got to look at mr.k's mac. He believes that Firefox is better than Explorer

Our homework is to make an account on and find 1 site for each unit we have studied so far using Firefox. allows you to save bookmarks which you are able to access from any computer no matter where you are.

This is how to do it:
- Open up firefox
- Type in the address box
- Click register
- Click install extension now
- Restart Firefox
- Go to help and click bookmarklet buttons for any browser
- Drag the post to button to where your tabs (beside latest headlines)
- Find 1 site for each unit that we have done so far
- To bookmark a site, click the tag button on your toolbar and save it
- Find a site for each unit we studied and bookmark it with pc30sf06 as one of the tags

Another thing to check out is and go to Basic/Advanced Thinking scroll down to the second last post which is posted byAlan Levine. This shows you different education tools and how to use them.

We also started a new unit today called Analytic Geometry we started off with a diagram:

From this diagram you can pull out this information:
OP = r

You can change the distance formula which is (x-h)
2 + (y-k)2
= r into standard form.
Standard form for the equation of a cirlcle is (x-h)2 +
(y-k)2 = r2

If the coordinates for the center point of the circle was (2,color=blue>-1) the formula would be:
(x-2)2 + (y-(-)1)
2 = 9 and the radius would equal the square root of 9
which is 3

The graph for this formula would look like this:

So if you know (h,k) and the center point of a circle, you can write the equation of the circle.

Eg. If the coordinates of the center point is (-3,4) and the radius is 5 this is what you do:
substitute them in: (x+3)2 + (y-4)2 = 25 ** be careful with the signs
then you expand: x2-4x+4+y2+2y+1= 5
after that, simplify: x2+y2-4x+2y+1=0 which is the general
when you finish simplifying, complete the square: x2-4x+4+y2+2y+1=0+4+1
(x-2)2+(y+1)2 = 5 and this becomes the original

* you get +4 by taking half of -4 from "-4x" which is -2 and squaring it +1 by taking half of the 2 from "2y" and squaring it.

[ ! ] If you are ever given the diameter, remember that the radius is half of the diameter

Homework is not only creating an account for, Exercise 21 is also for homework OH.. AND THE SCRIBE FOR TOMORROW IS eeDce :)

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