November 01, 2006


Zeph hit some technical difficulties. I am posting his BOB for him.
Mr. Kuropatwa

let's see...i remember doing all this restriction with the variables stuff last year and i have no problems with that now. i understand more about why sum of the variables are called "extraneous" but i think that was the most confusing part in this topic. yeah...
i asked mr.k about the nature/characteristics of roots cuz that part was a drag to me but in the end, i understand now.
i'm ok with the solving for "x" thing in rational and radical and absolute equations. the only thing tricky for me's just that there's so many steps that one false move means death.
the cool thing about this topic is that we saw a picture of a body on our calculator when we were doing one of the equations. i learned that interesting "pics" can be graphed on the calculator and they all don't have to be parabolas. i'm guessing that that's the hard part to this unit...understanding extraneous solutions and their graphs. thats about it for pre-cal algebra 30s...



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