September 24, 2006

Benofschool's BOB : )

Hi Ben here and this is my BOB
Well I was doing okay in class, I understood everything well but when we got to the word problems (the area of a fence question) I started slowing down and not getting the "way of the solution" in my head. The other ones I'm okay with a bit, but I'm just kind of slow on them. One really cool thing I learnt so far in PC30s Fall '06 is the block of wood. Seeing the block of wood taught me that some of the formulas and equations look the same but they're all on "the same block of wood". I had my first "moment of clarity" when we did our last stencil in class in that circle group thing. At first I didn't understand but I when Diyàá™, Samus, Natnael began teaching the class my head had that little "DING" feeling and I was working through the question faster and understandable than before and yeah that was cool.
I was wondering where Mr.K got those math videos. I want to watch some to get me in track and to understand the concepts.
About the Blogging Prompt that Mr.K posted. I was wondering if I graphed it right. All I see on the graph are lines going up and down but a bit slanted. If that's right why is it like that?
Well that's my BOB and good luck everybody on the test on Monday and goodbye. See y'all tomorrow.

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