September 24, 2006


Hello Everyyone!

Well Friday marked our last real class on our first precal unit, which we all know primarly focused on "Quadratic Functions". Tomorrow will mark the day of our first precal test, on you guessed it, "Quadratic Functions". I finished up my last major attempt to prepare myself for tomorrow just 20mins ago. On the most part, I believe I'm as ready as I ever will be. However, I do have a few questions, but I'll be in search for the answers tomorrow, hopefully before last period. These past few weeks of been quite an experience for me. When I first discovered Mr.K would be my grade 11 precal teacher, I knew I'd have to go into this course commited and persistant. In result, I've heard he's one of the best and be ready to learn a lot. After the first day of class my expectations were met. Honestly, I had no real intentions to take Precal Enriched (infact I just discovered i was a few days ago), since its not one of my favoured nor strongest subjects. However! I am glad I happened to stumble in Mr.K's class, since I have no doubt at all this class will benefit me and prepare me for my future studies. Its only been a few weeks and already I've learned a lot. My way of learning is changing (for the good). Hopefully tomorrows test will be something we can all handle!

Good luck in advance and Night =))

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