September 24, 2006

BOB v.1 Quadratic Functions

BOB Version 1: Quadratic Functions

Well, to me, math class was one of the most challenging class that I've been through out of my five courses in this first semester. Sometimes, I'm like, "What the heck is the teacher talking about? What the heck's a parabola?" And I see all the students nodding their heads signalling "yes" just pretending to know what the teacher is talking about. As time went on, I finally found out what the teacher was talking about. I started to understand this "parabola" nonsense and how one can flip it, shift it to the left and move it up and down and etc. I didn't do as good on the second quiz as compared to the first quiz we had on parabolas, but on the day after the second quiz, I fully understood the mostrosity known as "the parabola." As time went by, "the parabola" wasn't such a monster anymore, but when I was thinking that, BOOM!! Then came "Problem Solving with Parabolas." It looks like my new enemy, the parabola, has friends in more difficult places. Unlike "Completing the Squares" which is kind of like a piece of cake for me, I now have to struggle even more with this higher level of difficulty known as 'problem solving with parabolas.' One thing is for sure, "there is never a place in the world where one cannot struggle." And to make matters worse, the test is tommorow.

Care to explain what this means? "Rewrite the equation 'y = 2(x + 3)^2 + 1' so that if it had a maximum value it will become it's minimum value or it's value will become it's maximum value, as the case may be.


  1. Its easy! (Well, i think it is)
    The whole concept of the Q (i think) is to test your knowledge on how to 'flip' the graph.
    Therefore for the above Q
    2(x+3)^2 + 1
    the answer will be .......TO PUT A -ve SIGN INFRONT OF THE '2' TO FLIP THE GRAPH. This means the parabola's min point is going to change, and its going to be the MAX.
    answer= -2(x+3)^2 + 1

  2. haha that's all? i thought i had to make the parabola into a circle cuz it says to make the max into a min and a min to max so i was thinking circles. but thanx natnael. that makes lots of sense. =)