September 26, 2006

Scribe post

Hi, Today's class was interesting. Because to start the class Mr.K gave us 10 minutes or so to finish our test from yesterday, Because we had a fire drill so we lost about 10 minutes of our time. Thank you Mr.K.
Once we finished the test Mr.K put up 4 triangles on the board and asked us to find sin,cos and tan of the 4 triangles. We all did that. The 4 triangles are these

He then drew them on a graph and found the new sin,cos, and tan values.

Now we have quadrants 1,2,3 and 4. So then we added a couple of negative signs. It is simple why we did, I'll explain it anyways. Sin is relative to a measurement on the y-axis. Therefore, any triangle in the third quadrant and fourth quadrant will always have negative (-) sin value.
Cos is relative to a measurement on the x-axis. Therefore, any triangle in the second quadrant and third quadrant will have negative (-) cos value.
Tan is different from sin and cos, let me show you why.

Oh my god, I'm so sorry about the bad pictures and positioning but i will be editing this post to make it look a little better ( or MUCH more better).
Its been fun scribing and i hope my scribe post will help someone out there some were. Anyways its been fun scribing. This is a new unit were starting called Trigonometry. Our homework is exercise number 9 do all questions. Good luck they are a bit hard.

oh and yea the next scribe for Wednesday is cherrieeeeeeee. Mr.K and I and many other people thought your scribe post was amazing so i would like to see another prize winning post from you, Good luck and have fun.


  1. Hey. Awesome scribe, just one thing. . our excersie is number 9. just wanted to prevent anyone doing the wrong assignment, yaaa know. Haha. okay. well bye.

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  3. Ok sorry about the confusion. I changed it from number 8 to number 9. I swear i thought Mr.K said excercise number 8.... how weird

  4. Hey Diyaa
    good job. I know how much effort and 'patient' it takes to do these illustrations in Paint

  5. Thanks for taking the time to put illustrations in your post. It makes the text understandable and you did a great job.

    Mr. Harbeck
    Sargent Park School

  6. My mistake, it was exercise 8. Haha. I am deeply sorry, i must of been zoned out during class or something.

  7. Hi diyaa,

    I'm not a math person, so I've been trying to learn from all of you and your scribes. I was glad to learn after "Googling" SOHCAHTOA that it is a math mnemonic. Do you find that they are helpful? I certainly do, for your starting with that, once I found what it meant, helped guide me through your learning!

    Thanks for helping me learn,