September 21, 2006

Lauressa's Scribe Post - Working in One Big Group

Laressa wasn't able to post this. She didn't yet have access to the blog so I'm posting it for her. ;-)

Fun class huh!
Well today in class what can I say, we worked all together. After you left MR.K everyone put together their desks together and we attempted to work as one big group. A couple of students took the bull by the horns and started working out problems out, that were on the review, on the board. They did very well if I say so and I DO. They did the problem step by step on the board, ensuring that the rest of us knew what was going on and finally when they got the answer it wasn't the right one!lol but you know what the answer was right it was just that the answers for 1A and 1B were switched. make sure you get that next time Mr.K you had us worried we didn't know what we were doing!LOL I really think it's easier to understand when we work in groups in class. Bcuz its students teaching students and sometimes its works better. REMEMBER CLASSMATES study groups work! so start making them!

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