September 24, 2006


Good evening, guys!
So here we are, ending off our first unit on QUADRATIC FUNCTIONS. To be honest, just like m@rk, when we first discussed about various functions and terms, in my head I was saying, "What in the world?!?!" After being given a few assignments, I understood, probably, not even HALF what we were being taught. It must've taken me about .. a week and a half, to two weeks to fully understand everything. I'd like to say thanks to certain people in my class, and of course, MR. K, for helping me out whenever I was stuck in no-mans land. Just like everyone else, I blank out sometimes on assignments, and find myself where I was in day one. But because I wanted to take enriched precalculus, I'm going to do everything I can to get the mark I deserve. I might blank out on the test, but HOPEFULLY with enough studying tonight, tomorrow at lunch, and maybe even some 5-minute cramming (hopefully not!), I'll get the mark I wish to get.

And that's it for my BOB! Thanks for taking 5 minutes of your time to read what I have written!
Seeeeee ya tomorrow

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