September 24, 2006

Bobby Bob Bob

Test tomorrow, yikes! This unit wasn't to bad. I really enjoyed it at the beginning because I understood everything that was going on. Working with algebraic expressions or parabolas that are perfect squares are easy. But as we continued throughout our unit I was doing okay until we started working with non-perfect trinomials or squares.
Finding roots was really hard when working with answers that aren't whole numbers or integers. Honestly, it's still hard for me. I don't like working with problem solving questions because sometimes I get really confused about what number should be the substitute of x. I also get my signs mixed up, which give me wrong answers.
Overall, I mostly understand the majority of the stuff we're doing. There's just little things I have to fix or get into the habit of doing. Well, that was my first BOB. I hope everyone does well on the test tomorrow, study hard and work hard :)


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