September 24, 2006


In this course I have already learned so much about Quadratic Fractions and Parabolas. We have almost completed this unit, we just have a unit test on Monday and then we should be finished this unit (I think). During this unit I started out not understanding a thing. But now I know what the General form is for a parabola and Standard form and Factored form. I am studying very hard, But I still cant figure out how to do word problems, I never did figure them out even in the past. I will be reviewing some more word problems and I will try to figure out how to first write the equation in words (ex. R = (cost/ticket)(# of people)). Then write them down in numbers. Another thing that is giving me trouble is when the question asks for "how long did it take this to do that" from an equation, Because I don't really know what to look for when I'm looking for "how long something did something" I'm usually not sure if I'm looking for the h or the k from the vertex or is it the y-intercept. I'm always confused about it.
Well that was my first BOB and I hope to see more BOB's from you guys
so have fun. OH! yea Mr.K, I'm not sure if this is were I'm supposed to post my BOB so I will save this and re-post it if this is not the write place to post it. Just tell me on Monday or email me telling me were I'm supposed to post my BOB. Thank you


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