October 30, 2006

BOB for Algebra/Radical Equation Test

Hi it's me Ben :)
I see now that algebra is just an in-depth version of all the equations and formulas we've done before. But I'm wondering why some teacher say that we've been doing algebra since we first started math when my fellow classmates ask when we're starting algebra. I have some difficulty on the absolute value questions that have 2 absolute values on one side of an equation like: |x+1|-|2x-1|=5 (It's a random question I thought of. If it works out properly, cool).
I'm wondering how many cases will there be on a question like that?
That's my BOB for the Algebra Test. Good Night

1 comment:

  1. ben there is 4 cases in that question it can either be x+1 and 2x-1 are both positive ,x+1 and 2x-1 are both negative, x+1 could be positive and 2x-1 is negative, and finally 2x-1 could be positive and x+1 is negative. Does it make sense?If not I'll help you in class tomorrow