October 20, 2006

MERIAN's scribe!

Hey everyone~ I'm lucky to be scribe today. =)

Mr. K was away today so we had a sub. We only worked on Exercise 17 for the whole class.
I don't know what else to put down because that's all we did. No major problems or anything with the work, I believe.

Mr. K, if your reading, just to let you know, our class was very well behaved and we did our work nice and quietly. Too quiet actually.

I guess that's all for my scribe..I don't feel this is fair, so I'll just scribe again on Monday.

Have a good weekend guys.


  1. Dear Scribe, What was exercise 17. what did you learn. Are there any tricky parts to the question that we need to know about. All of these questions could add some bulk to your scribe.

    It is a great idea that you scribe again on Monday. I enjoy reading all of these posts.

    Keep on Scribing

    Mr. Harbeck
    Sargent Park school