October 30, 2006

BOB TIMEE - Algebra/Radical Equations

Hey everyone!

Well time again for yet another BOB..
Well I think for me, and probably most of us, this past unit of Algebra/Radical Equations has flew by. It was a short and straight foward topic. I don't recall having a lot of troubles with this unit because of the simple grasp of solving for x. It actually has been one of my favoured and prefered units. Although, I expect it to get harder and more complex from here. The actual minor part that I may have troubles with is having to check the solutions and not understanding why its an Estraneous Solution. Well, actually it may have been that question our class had stumbled on today (which Mr.k had troubles understanding himself). Lets just hope theres none of those on the test.

Well good luck and good night! :)
also.. Happy advance Halloween!!

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