October 11, 2006

BOB; Trigonometry

My muddiest points in this trig unit would be drawing the sin and cos graphs and understanding some of their equations. I know that they are related to the last unit that we did, which was quadratic functions. It just bothers me sometimes about which graph intercepts the y axis at 1 and the other that intercepts y at the origin. Also, when there's a negative in front of the equation, i can't draw it going down.
From the last unit, I had trouble with the fencing stuff where you find the maximum area. I had trouble finding the maximum height of an object when it is thrown and what its time would be. I don't like word problems, i have difficulty deciphering or analyzing them. That's about all my muddiest points. I found that drawing a diagram out first is helpful because i could see it and find out what is missing.
Well, tomorrow's our test. I hope that everyone gets a great mark, study hard... one more thing, I'm not anonymous, I will prove my innocence, mark my words :)


  1. Sam wanna go out tomorrow for lunch? I'll help you with those muddy points if you want.

  2. hmmmmmm...that makes sense