October 11, 2006

BOB - Trigonometry Test !

Hi Guys ! Time for another BOB, which means, time for another test!
Trigonometry and algebra are actually my favorite parts of mathematics. I enjoy working and solving triangles, and finding out other things in algebra. I enjoy the challenge that comes along with it, too. For this unit, I didn't find anything that I had a darn hard time on. This is probably because I like the unit, and I actually want to find out the answers (not like I don't feel the same way about other units .. I think?!). Anyway, I hope I do great on tomorrow's test, hoping for at least a 70% !! And I hope everyone has the same goal as I do, cause I really hope everyone does good on this test! : )
I like Christmas, can't you tell ?!?!?!

Okay, goodnight !

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