October 10, 2006

BOB TIME - Trig Unit

Well. The time has come for yet again, another unit test. Wow, where does the time fly hey? Hm. Well this beginning of this unit, everything went all smoothly for me. The trigonometry unit was something I felt confident with. I found the sin and cos graph pretty interesting, and I seemed to grab understanding of it easily. We then got into using sine law and solving various triangles. Like Mr.K said, it's pretty much just sticking the variables into the equation. What really troubled me were the word problems. It takes awhile for me to find what the question is asking for and what steps to take. Although, it is a matter to just draw the diagram down and read the question throughly. Sometimes it does get tricky thou. Hm. I would appreciate it so much if Mr.k spend some more extra time practicing the word problems with us as a class before the test, but unfortunately i won't be in class tomorrow. So yes, i'm just hoping i pass this test and do acceptionatly well.

Good Luck to everyone.

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