October 02, 2006

Hello everyone!

Here is what happened today in class. Mr. Clark was our substitute once again and he recap everything we learned in grade 10 about Sine Law.

He put up these facts and information about Sine Law.

Then he went through a question with us.

We also made a set of rules to follow while doing a word problem involving Sine Law.

*When doing word problem
(read it)
1. Draw diagram and label it with given information
2. Decide what is required
3. Solve it

* Angle of elevation - and angle from the horizontal in an upward direction

* Angle of depression - an angle from horizontal in a downward direction.

If your not done the worksheet we got in class, that should be done for homework. The scribe for tomorrow is


  1. Nice Scribe very understandble (Hope i spelt that right)

  2. I know I use this comment alot but your use of colour reinforces your message. Excelent Diagrams too.

    Thanks for sharing

    Mr. Harbeck
    Sargent Park School